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Student Resources

Explore Student Resources Explore Student Resources

Employer Resources

Explore Employer Resources Explore Employer Resources

Faculty Resources

Explore Faculty Resources Explore Faculty Resources

You have a dream. We’ll help make it possible.

The Classroom to Career Hub (C2 Hub) is more than your typical career center by intentionally integrating post-graduate activities, related to career or graduate school, in all aspects of the MSU Denver Roadrunner experience. Learn how we work directly with students, employers, and faculty.

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Upcoming Events

Check out our events page for the most up to date information on events from the C2 Hub.

Remember to RSVP on Career Link for reminders about events you’re interested in. We update this page regularly, so check it often for new C2 Hub events!

View Our Upcoming Events

C2 in the News

Check out how the C2 Hub is helping to support and prepare students for their future career plans.

Pipeline program guides low-income students to a college degree

MSU Denver’s Pathways to Possible initiative provides financial, academic and career support throughout students' journeys.

Michael Haederle

May 28, 2024

Read More About Pathways to Possible

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Mixtape Vol. #3: Metro Classroom To Career Hub

In this episode of Yebo's Mission 1477 - Friends - C2Hub Students and Staff share their stories about unity and comradery.


May 24, 2024

Listen Now

Career hub connects college grads to the industries that need them most

MSU Denver’s Classroom to Career Hub guides students to in-demand jobs from the moment they set foot on campus.

Michael Haederle

March 21, 2024

Learn More About C2's Work


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New virtual career center for vets boosted by $1M Disney donation!

Walt Disney Company on Monday announced a new $1 million donation toStudent Veterans of America’splans for a virtual career center, giving the new transition initiative a substantial boost.

The SVA Career Center project, set to debut in early 2024, is designed to supplement campus employment offices by providing veteran-specific advice and resources for students with military backgrounds.

Explore Remote Opportunities on Black Remote She

At Black Remote She, community members have a variety of resources available to support their livelihood, including:

  • A job board with screened employment opportunities to connect job seekers, consultants, and freelancers to safe and flexible work environments.

  • A resource hub with quarterly roundups of funding opportunities, rental assistance, mental health support, and other gender affirming resources.

  • A bi-weekly newsletter from the founder to keep the community empowered, affirmed, and in the loop of upcoming opportunities in the network.

  • A free email course to support job seekers as they navigate and structure their job search.

Resource Provided in Partnership with LGBTQ Student Resource Center at Auraria

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Connect with Career Readiness

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Resume & Career Support

The C2 Hub provides multiple avenues for resume and career support, as well as ways to learn about resources available and get your job search questions answered:

  • Virtual Drop-in Assistance
  • Individual Career Counseling/Advising Appointments
    • In-person OR Virtual options
  • VMock (AI-powered resume review)

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C2Hub Scholarship Support

We provide scholarship support services which connect students to resources, foster community, and develop leadership for equitable college success, retention, and graduation outcomes.

C2Hub Scholarship Support

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Undeclared / Exploratory Advising

Unsure of which major best fits you? It is perfectly normal to not know what you want to study in college.

Exploratory Advising

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Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring Program provides peer-to-peer support and strives to enhance the overall student experience for all undergraduate students.

Peer Mentoring


Connect with Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships

We create robust partnerships with current and prospective employers by strengthening and streamlining employer portal and engagement opportunities. Industry Partnerships engages industry, campus, and community stakeholders in mutually beneficial experiences to provide students with relevant, career-focused opportunities. We use Career Link,a FREE online career management system that helps you connect with MSU Denver students and recent graduates.

Take advantage of these additional tools by setting up an Employer Account:

  • Post your positions (job, internships, service learning and volunteer) for FREE.
  • Register for career fairs and networking events.
  • Coordinate on-campus interviews.
  • Manage your employer profile.

For more information, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Employers website or email the C2 Hub at [emailprotected].

Employer Website

Faculty Engagement

Connect with Faculty Engagement

Faculty Engagement & Experiential Learning

The Faculty Engagement & Experiential Learning Team as the go-to resource for inclusive and innovative support for faculty & academic affairs colleagues to encourage student engagement in integrative learning & future planning. Our mission is to collaborate holistically with faculty & academic affairs partners in co-creation and/or promotion of experiential learning opportunities, graduate studies support and career readiness initiatives focusing on equitable access for all students.

For more information, visit the Faculty Engagement & Experiential Learning website or email the C2 Hub at [emailprotected].

Meet Our Teams

Meet the people behind the C2 Hub.

Meet Our Teams

Our Students Served

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Our Student Body

The students served by the C2Hub are over 69.5% students of color, with more than 69% reporting first generation college student status.

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Classroom to Career

Over 87% of our students report working full- or part-time while pursuing their education at MSU Denver.

Classroom to Career Hub - MSU Denver (13)

Workforce Development

We are proud to of our contributions to the Colorado economy, with over 78% of students staying to work in Colorado after graduation.

Impact of the C2Hub

Explore the Impact of the Classroom to Career Hub by clicking the link below to view interactive reporting dashboards.

explore more

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I am so thankful for the STEM Career Fair. I was offered a position at CDOT and want to thank [the C2 Hub for their] support. I was really nervous for this event, but the team helped me with my virtual set-up and gave me some confidence. At this event, I got direct access to the construction hiring manager. A month later, I was offered the position by a unanimous decision 😎 , skipped stressful HR wait times, and worked directly with the hiring manager throughout my interview process. I actually got to meet my future boss at the fair!

Nathan Rivera

MSU Denver Civil Engineering Major

I am so thankful for all the resources [the C2 Hub] offers on campus. I went to the Behavioral Health Connections event and got a few comments that people liked my resume that [the Career Engagement team] helped me with! Also, I was offered a few interviews for internships! Thank you so much!

Katrina Cordova

MSU Denver Psychology Major

Thanks to the Earn & Learn program [at the C2 Hub], I can focus on my work and pursue my creative goals without juggling two jobs to make ends meet. This has given me the freedom to devote more time to my passion for design and gain valuable experience to prepare me for the workforce.

Carlos Hernandez

MSU Denver Industrial Design Major

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Office Information

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Connect with the C2Hub

Office Location(s):

  • Administration Building (AD) 270 (Industry Partnerships / Faculty Engagement)
  • Jordan Student Success Building
    • Window #2 (Exploratory Advising / Student Success)
    • Suite 320(Career Engagement)
  • Tivoli 223 (Peer Mentoring)

Phone Number:
303 615-1133


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